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Lincoln Memorial Kiosk

The National Mall in Washington, D.C. service hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, so visitor services are a major concern. The challenge presented by this project was to construct a proto-type building that provided refreshments and gifts to the many visitors on the Mall, while providing the operators with an infrastructure that could service not only this building, but also vendor stands located throughout the entire Mall area. The challenge became more complicated by the high water table and poor soil condition that was a result of the infill of the original river bed, the National Park Service requirements that mechanical equipment and kitchen exhaust venting could not be seen or heard by the general public and the operation of the facility be environmentally sensitive.

As a team member, Abramson Construction Corporation personnel participated in the value engineering redesign of the foundation of the building by the use of structured micropiles. This allowed the reduction in the thickness of the structural foundation floating slab as well as the thickness of the perimeter underground walls. The proposed geothermal mechanical system was also modified to allow for the use of the rejected heat from the walk-in refrigeration systems to assist with the winter time heating requirements. The overall redesign saving to the Owner was close to one half a million dollars.

The project was awarded a Certificate of Environmental Sustainability by the National Park Service and was featured at The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference in Washington, D.C.